We are a unique store which gifting our order makers a profit money (Affiliate Program) so that we create mutual loyalty, however this will be as per terms and conditions which called “User Profit Terms & Conditions“, and all have to be accepted by you ( order maker who should be registered user name in our website not necessarily the order receiver or who’s paying for the order).

– Note: For Security Purposes (Protection Against Credential Stealing / No Robot Action): 

You must fill all fields in a form called “User Profit Terms & Conditions” which located at the checkout page (after every order) and In case any condition has not been accepted by you, unfortunately there will not be any profit comes from the order, so please read this form carefully.– The gift profit will be issued by Bank Transfer / Bank Cheque which will be having the name as registered in “Account Details” page and this has to be as per the Bank Account Name / National ID (to be presented for collecting the cheque).